bespoke acrylic products

Bespoke Acrylic Products

At Promo Plastics, we know that businesses and individuals require a variety of plastic products for different situations. It doesn't matter why you need them, but it does matter that they're high-quality items. There's no use paying for cheap products that will break easily or make your business look bad. Instead, you need the best there is.

Consequently, we're a leading manufacturer of bespoke acrylic products. These products are all made to order, and there's no limit to what we can produce. If you need something for your store - or a business event - then pick up the phone and give us a call today.
What can bespoke acrylic products be used for?
The opportunities are endless; it depends on why you need them. We have many retail customers who want to get mannequins or promotional displays manufactured for their stores. Likewise, we've even constructed safety hats and helmets out of this material.

The choice is entirely up to you; just tell us what type of product you're after, and we'll make it for you out of high-quality acrylic. This service is available for business customers and individuals alike. So, if you want a beautiful item for your home, then we're the ones to make it for you!
Why choose acrylic?
We offer bespoke acrylic products because we believe it's the best material around. There's a diversity to acrylic that means it can deal with so many different situations and scenarios. If you're wondering what makes it so fantastic, then check out the key benefits down below:

Very Strong: acrylics are one of the hardest materials out there. They're very tough to crack or shatter, which means you're getting a product that's built to last. This is why they're often used for safety gear because they're so strong!

Easy to Manipulate: the problem with some strong materials is that they're hard to manipulate. On the contrary, acrylic is so easy for us to control and mould. In turn, this means it can be used for so many different products as there's no limit to how we can mould and manipulate it for you.

Easily Coloured: another benefit for you is that acrylic is easy to colour. So, this adds to the originality of your products as you can choose the specific colours you want. Also, it's easy to add brand logos to bespoke acrylic products, which is very handy indeed.
Why choose us?
Promo Plastics is a name that's synonymous with quality. We've been doing this for 25 years, so we know all the best techniques and methods involved in acrylics manufacturing. As a result, you have nothing to worry about; you're in safe hands.

Furthermore, we can also boast the following:

Worked with big-name brands like TopShop, BT, and Sainsbury's
Extremely professional service
Prototype products available before the full piece is produced
Competitive pricing
All products are made to order - you control the design!
Contact Us For Bespoke Acrylic Products
Give us a call if you're interested in getting the best bespoke acrylic products money can buy. Regardless of whether you're a commercial or residential customer, we'll sort you out with some completely unique products.