Acrylic shop displays

Acrylic shop displays

Retail Acrylic Displays

Enticing a customer into your retail store is the best way of making sure your business maintains a high-profit turnover.

What brings a customer into a store more than it is a place that is aesthetically pleasing to a potential customer? At Promo Plastics, we believe that there is nothing that draws in potential customers than a clear, tidy display that shows a customer exactly what is on offer.
There are specialist career paths in visual merchandising, working to display items in a way that entices customers. Clothing stores are particularly known for this- displaying a top-selling item of clothing, paired with other items of clothing, shoes and accessories- this is both to inspire a customer how to pair an item of clothing, but also encourages them to buy more.

The primary factor of displaying items so that customers are drawn to purchasing a product is where they are placed. Retailers should consider if items are easy to access, and are within a customer’s eye line at all times in order to encourage a purchase. More importantly than this, however, is something that is sometimes overlooked- the display materials themselves used to display the items. While people are first and foremost likely to walk into a store based on the items in stock, a contributing factor to a sale is also the way in which they are displayed.

Elegant, artistic, clean looking displays will ensure that the products are showcased in their best light- highlighting their best features overall. There are many retail display solutions that are pre-made which do the job to a point but will fail when it comes to offering a unique and bespoke solution to its displays, giving a unique feel to a retail store that leaves customers wanting to come back again. An ideal solution for this is by getting bespoke designed acrylic display pieces.

Acrylic is one of the most durable and versatile materials on offer. It’s so hardwearing that it can sometimes be used to make safety items such as helmets and kneepads. This hardwearing plastic material is strong and malleable- all of these qualities making acrylic such a useful substance to work with. It can be moulded to create shapes, vital for creating bespoke designs- because of these qualities, Promo Plastics are able to create bespoke display and storage solutions designed to suit your business’ needs.

Many retailers turn to us as a trusted solution for their retail displays. With over 25 years of experience in developing acrylic displays for a vast array of clients and businesses, Promo Plastics is a tried and tested provider of a wide range of acrylic displays for businesses from clothing outlets, to supermarkets and telecommunications businesses. You can rest assured that the work that we complete is of the highest standards.

The only limit to what can be done with acrylic displays is your imagination. If your retail business needs a design overhaul, contact Promo Plastics today for your ideal bespoke retail display solution.