Acrylic clothing

acrylic clothing

Acrylic is one of the most durable and versatile materials on offer. It’s so hardwearing that it can sometimes be used to make safety items such as helmets and kneepads. This hardwearing plastic material is strong and malleable- all of these qualities making acrylic such a useful substance to work with. It can be moulded to create shapes, vital for creating bespoke designs- because of these qualities, Promo Plastics are able to create bespoke display and storage solutions designed to suit your business’ needs.

But did you know that the versatility of acrylic goes far beyond using it for building hard display materials and protective wear? Take a look at some of your clothing labels, and you will see that one of the materials involved in creating the fabric is acrylic.

Acrylic fibre fabrics are made from acrylonitrile, a synthetic polymer used specifically for the purpose of making clothes. These fabrics are one of the least breathable forms of textiles available on the market. The heaty retention properties of these types of material make it an ideal solution for clothes that need to retain heat and resist water absorption such as athletic clothing, equipment and waterproof coats.

Acrylic materials are also a good option for bags and shoes, too, as they are watertight and versatile.

When washing your acrylic clothing, it is important to consider that water that is too hot and too cold can be harmful to clothes that are made with acrylic fabrics. You should always wash acrylic clothes in warm water.
Water temperatures can change the structure of the clothing-too cold and it can become hard, losing its flexibility. Too hot, and you run the risk of melting the fabric which can also damage other items of clothing being washed alongside the items.

Of course, acrylic clothing is not limited to softer fabrics, this lightweight and durable material can also build protective clothing such as helmets, mouthguards and kneepads used in sports.

As well as being used as a material for making clothing, acrylic is a great option for displaying clothes, too. It is a material that is versatile and flexible, and available in a wide range of colours, making for an excellent choice to display clothing without the distraction of an overly decorated, or rough-looking display solution.

Many retailers turn Promo Plastics as a trusted solution for their retail displays. With over 25 years of experience in developing acrylic displays for a vast array of clients and businesses such as BT, Estee Lauder, Top Shop and Sainsbury’s, Promo Plastics is a tried and tested provider of a wide range of acrylic displays for businesses from clothing outlets, to supermarkets and telecommunications businesses. We can offer a wide range of products with bespoke designs to suit the needs of almost any retailer.

The only limit to what can be done with acrylic displays is your imagination. If your retail business needs a design overhaul, contact Promo Plastics today for your ideal bespoke retail display solution.